2014 Spring Newsletter / Student News

Master’s News & Activities

Highlights of news and activities of our Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) students.

Cherian George, MLIS’13, presented the poster “Current trends in design of user interface of image databases” at the Canadian Library Association (CLA) 2013 Conference in Winnipeg.

Carolyne Ménard at the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy in Guatemala with the Librarians Without Borders McGill Student Chapter. Photo courtesy of C. Ménard.

Carolyne Ménard at the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy in Guatemala with the Librarians Without Borders McGill Chapter. Photo courtesy of C. Ménard.

Carolyne Ménard wrote about her experience at the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy, a primary and high school in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala for the June 25, 2013 McGill Reporter story “Libraries as tools for change: My experience with Librarians without Borders in Guatemala.” Read the full article here.

Xenia Kurguzova, MLIS ’12, won a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) prize for visual depiction of research about Eastern European corruption. A profile of Xenia and her award was featured in the April 10, 2013 McGill Reporter article “A winning illustration of corruption that Canadians can understand.” Read the full article here.

Rachel Legaspi, MLIS ’13, chaired a session of presentations at the 2013 Faculty of Education Graduate Students Society (EGSS) Conference which included presentations by Dana Tessier, MLIS ’13: “Best practices of e-learning”, Jacob Siefring, MLIS ’13: “Technologies of distraction and of the self”, and Christine Smith, MLIS ’13: “Knowledge for the masses: Information literacy in the public library.” At the EGSS conference and the Ontario Library Association (OLA) 2013 Conference, Xenia Kurguzova, MLIS ‘13, and Katherine Van der Linden, MLIS ’13, presented the poster: “Advanced studies in partnerships: Building bridges between MLIS students and the community.”

Also at the Ontario Library Association (OLA) conference, Marta Mazur Rusak, MLIS ’13, Christine Smith, MLIS ’13, and Xenia Kurguzova, MLIS ‘13 presented the poster entitled: “Catering to Immigrants in Public Libraries in the Province of Ontario.”

Allana Mayer was awarded the ProQuest Roger K. Summit Scholarship. This annual international award recognizes LIS students who demonstrate outstanding interest or performance in electronic information services.

Students to the CLA!

Christine Smith, MLIS ’13 and Alisa Soukhodolskaia, MLIS ’13, were chosen to attend the 2012 and 2013 Canadian Library Association (CLA) Conferences in Ottawa and Winnipeg as McGill “Students to the CLA” representatives. Christine and Alisa had the opportunity to network with professionals and other students from universities across Canada. They also had articles published in the CLA publication, Feliciter. The two recent graduates now co-moderate the CLA Montreal Network.