2014 Spring Newsletter / School News

Introducing the New Master of Information Studies (MISt)

The School is pleased to announce the redesign of the Master of Library & Information Studies (MLIS) program into the new Master of Information Studies (MISt). The MISt seeks to educate information professionals in a broad sense, offer increased flexibility for selecting and adding areas of specialization, and better integrate information technology, management, and research skills and knowledge into various courses.

In 2004, when the School introduced a new MLIS program with three streams in Archival Studies, Knowledge Management, and Librarianship, we sought to address both the need to expand the employment opportunities of our graduates and recognize new developments in the field. In 2010, the need for change again became essential. After reviewing curriculum and consulting with employers, students and alumni, we undertook a rigorous process to redesign the MLIS program into the new MISt.

While continuing to offer specializations in Archival Studies, Knowledge Management, and Library Studies, the MISt will offer Information and Communication Technology as a new area of specialization. As well, the expansion of the MISt program includes a new option for students to enrol in a research project stream to conduct a full-fledged research project.

For more information on the new program, please consult the website at www.mcgill.ca/programs/mist.

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