2014 Spring Newsletter

Spring 2014 Newsletter: Director’s Message

France BouthillierDear alumni & friends,

2013 has been another very busy year in terms of new developments at the School, with three new faculty members, a forward-thinking expansion of our master’s program, and exciting new research initiatives.

In spite of drastic budget cuts McGill University made to meet government requirements, in addition to the lack of new tuition revenue, we were able to move forward in a number of ways. First, we are pleased to announce our success in hiring three new faculty members: Dr. Max Evans, Dr. Benjamin Fung and Dr. Ilja Frissen. They bring to the School amazing research and teaching expertise in Data Mining and Security, Human-Computer Interaction, and Knowledge Management, areas critical to our forthcoming Master of Information Studies (MISt) program.

In 2010, we initiated a consultation on our Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) program. In 2013, we succeeded in having the new Master of Information Studies (MISt) program approved by all university committees and prepared for implementation in Fall 2014. As described further in this issue, significant changes have been made to create a new degree designed to more adequately prepare information professionals to work in a variety of domains and organizations while providing new opportunities for research.

In this publication, you will be able to read more on the accomplishments of SIS alumni, students and professors. These accomplishments, I believe, are impressive and speak to the diversity of experiences and positive impact of the extended SIS community.

On another note, our colleagues, Professor Peter McNally and  staff member Dr. Susann Allnutt retired in August 2013, and needless to say, we wish them well in their new lives.

I am also very happy to introduce our online newsletter. I hope you will enjoy this new version and your comments and input, as always, are very welcome.

With very warm wishes,
France Bouthillier