2015 Winter Newsletter / School News

iSchools: Advancing the Information Field

ischools_290x290In Fall 2014, SIS became a member of the “iSchools,” an international group of schools, colleges, and departments working together to advance the information field.

Created in 2005, the iSchools organization promotes the information field as an emerging academic discipline rooted in programs focused on information technology, library studies, informatics, and information science, among others, and advocates for interdisciplinary approaches to studying and addressing information problems and information technology issues.

Currently, the organization is composed of 59 members in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. While each individual iSchool has its own strengths and specializations, all schools define their research areas as related to three key foci: information, people, and technology.

The iSchools also host the annual iConference, where information researchers and practitioners from around the world meet with the common goal of making a difference through the study of these foci. For more information about the iSchools, visit: www.ischools.org.