2015 Winter Newsletter / Student News

Student Events & Activities

This year has been especially rich in terms of student and student group activities at the McGill School of Information Studies. We’re pleased to bring you the following highlights from the past year.


Established in 2003, the annual career fair is a student-run networking event for future graduates and potential employers to discuss employment opportunities. The 2014 Career Fair, held April 2, was jointly organized by the McGill Library & Information Studies Student Association (MLISSA) Career Fair Committee and students from l’Université de Montréal’s École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l’information (EBSI). Thanks to all who made this event a success, including the Career Fair Organizing Committee: Katherine Brothers, MLIS’14; Dahlal Mohr-Elzeki, MLIS’14; Ada Chan, MLIS’14; Kelly McCormick, MLIS’14; Sabrina Gurniak, MLIS’14; Leann Ban; Magdelin Diaz; David Phung; Guillermo Galdamez Barrera; Simone Srinivasan; and EBSI students David Saint-Germain, Sophie Trolliet-Martial, and Catherine Ann Vary; sponsors; employers; and the McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS).

>> The 2015 McGill SIS Career Fair will be held March 27, 2015. For more information about recruiting SIS grads at the Fair and throughout the year, visit http://www.mcgill.ca/sis/careers/employers



The Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA) McGill Student Chapter held their 7th Annual Winter Colloquium at the School on February 21, 2014. Guest lecturers included Gordon Burr, MLIS’98, McGill University; Patti Harper, Carleton University; Jeremy Heil, Queen’s University; and Rhiannon Herbert, MLIS’13, McGill University. Student lecturers included Carolyne Ménard, MLIS’14: “Profession in the Postmodernist Era: Assumptions and Challenges;” Linda Pasquale, MLIS’14: “Evolution of Ethnic Archiving in North America;” Naomi Endicott: “Design and Theory of Crowdsourced Archival Processing and Description;” Amber Parker: “Documenting Home: The Homestead Records Series at the Saskatchewan Archives Board;” and Samuel Sfirri: “Audio Preservation: Sound Object Migration in the Archival Environment.” The 8th Annual Winter Colloquium is taking place at the School on February 27, 2015.



AMIA McGill Student Chapter First Annual Symposium, March 2014. Photo: McGill SIS www.mcgill.ca/sis

AMIA McGill Student Chapter First Annual Symposium, March 2014. Photo: McGill SIS http://www.mcgill.ca/sis









The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) McGill Student Chapter Symposium, held on April 8, 2014, featured presentations and discussions on the latest issues affecting the field of moving image archiving. This half-day symposium, organized by Justin Mckinney, MLIS’14, included presentations by David Stevenson, Conservator at Canadian Centre of Architecture and Phil Spurrell, Le CineClub Film Society. Presentations by MLIS students included Tristan Dahn: “Expanding Tomorrow’s Remembrance of Yesterday: Toward Inclusiveness in U.S. Film Preservation;” Brian Meagher: “Personal Home Archiving of Audiovisual Materials;” Justin Mckinney, MLIS’14: “Are Private Trackers the New Film Archive?” and Samuel Sfirri: “Preserving Videotape Content.”



The 8th EBSI-SIS Doctoral Symposium in Information Studies was held this year on September 26, 2014 at the Université de Montréal. This annual event is co-organized by PhD students at the School of Information Studies and Université de Montréal’s École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l’information (ÉBSI), and provides PhD and Master’s students the opportunity to present research in a convivial bilingual setting. This year, presentations from SIS included Daniela Olivera, MLIS’13 and MLIS student Mihaela Iancu‘s “Methodology for Benchmark Evaulations,” and posters by MLIS students Rachel Di Cresce and Desmond Wong. The upcoming symposium will be held at SIS in 2015.




ABQLA/SLA Special Library Tour. Industry Canada. Credit: Robyn Biggar

ABQLA/SLA Special Library Tour. Industry Canada. Credit: Robyn Biggar

This past fall, L’Association des Bibliothècaires du Québec/Québec Library Association (ABQLA) McGill Student Chapter raised funds and organized an Ottawa special library tour in partnership with the Special Libraries Association (SLA) McGill Student Chapter.

Held on November 3, 2014, the tour enabled fifteen students to have a first-hand look at the Supreme Court of Canada Library and Industry Canada Library in the nation’s capital, providing students with valuable insight into how special libraries operate in a government setting.

ABQLA/SLA Special Library Tour. Supreme Court. Credit: Robyn Biggar

ABQLA/SLA Special Library Tour. Supreme Court. Credit: Robyn Biggar






Final Project Open Houses


Student exhibit at McGill School of Information Studies Introduction to Museology final project exhibition. Credit: Nouf Khashman

Credit: Nouf Khashman

Master of Library & Information Studies (MLIS) students in Professor Elaine Ménard’s Fall 2013 “Introduction to Museology” course exhibited final group projects at the 5th edition of the public mini-exhibition, spread over several floors in the SIS mansion.

Detail of student exhibit at McGill School of Information Studies Introduction to Museology final project exhibition.



This past November, teams of Master of Library & Information Studies (MLIS) students presented prototypes of innovative apps designed with a user-centered approach in a public final project open house for Professor Karyn Moffatt’s “User-Centered Design” course.


Student Group Activities

We’re pleased to announce that two new chapters were established this past year at the McGill School of Information Studies, adding to the School’s already impressive roster of student groups and professional association chapters. The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA), a non-profit professional association established to advance the field of moving image archiving by fostering cooperation among individuals and organizations concerned with the acquisition, description, preservation, exhibition, and use of moving image materials; and the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians (CAPAL), an advocacy group that brings together student members interested in the field of professional academic librarianship.

Below are highlights of the many student group activities taking place at the School this past year:



The School’s student association has a new name! This past Spring, members of the student association executive worked tirelessly to update the constitution. The student body also voted in a new name: the McGill Library and Information Studies Student Association (MLISSA) is now the McGill Information Studies Student Association (MISSA). MISSA reports that Fall 2014 has been a great semester, including a number of fun social events and activities. MISSA began the year with an orientation event for first year students, and also hosted a September picnic and end-of-semester holiday party. This past January, MISSA worked to support the Post-Graduate Students’ Society (PGSS) “Get out the Vote” campaign for the PGSS referendum. This spring, MISSA will be working to provide more events for SIS students. >> Learn more about MISSA’ activities



The Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA) McGill Student Chapter 7th Annual Colloquium, held in February 2014, was a great success. Read about the event above. The Colloquium features professional guest speakers from the field of archives and records management who discuss their work in the field and other archives-related topics. To fundraise for the 2015 event and make it a memorable experience for the SIS student body, the chapter held a successful Halloween-themed bake sale this past October, featuring sugar cookies in shapes of black cats, moons, and pumpkins, as well as delicious samosas. >> Learn more about the ACA McGill Student Chapter and annual colloquia



The newly-founded Canadian Association for Professional Academic Librarians (CAPAL) McGill Student Chapter elected a group of dedicated executives and hosted the first set of events in Fall 2014, including a Meet ‘n’ Greet to allow students the chance to meet and ask questions of McGill’s academic librarians.



This past May, Canadian Library Association McGill Student Chapter (CLAMSC) member and current CLAMSC President Melissa Rivosecchi attended the 2014 Canadian Library Association (CLA) conference in Victoria, BC as the “Student to the CLA” representative for McGill University. The 2014 Students to CLA program was jointly funded by the Canadian Library Association and Library and Archives Canada (LAC), with travel funds contributed by the School. As a student representative, Melissa had the opportunity to network with professionals, industry leaders, and other students from universities across Canada, and was also enlisted at the conference to help judge poster presentations. A post-conference summary of one of the sessions written by Melissa for the CLA’s Feliciter magazine Volume 60, Issue 4, pp. 45-46) is available at http://www.cla.ca/feliciter/2014/4

This past fall,  CLAMSC launched another successful year of the Professional Partnering Program (PPP). The PPP is a flexible mentoring program run in partnership with Montreal-area professionals that connects SIS students to information professionals with similar professional interests. This year’s program successfully matched 33 students with 17 mentors, and additional students participated in a meet and greet event, which provided a fun, informal opportunity for SIS students to ask questions, make connections with professionals, and learn more about their careers. >> Learn more about the CLA McGill Student Chapter and the Professional Partnering program



The Librarians Without Borders (LWB) McGill Student Chapter began fundraising this fall with their annual “Library School Social.” Fundraising is a crucial component of LWB activities, as funds are donated and used to purchase books throughout the year. LWB’s main focus this year is a collaboration with the Native Friendship Centre in Montreal, where chapter members help with cataloguing, workshops,and collection development. This past October, the chapter participated in McGill’s Community Engagement Day, and there was a phenomenal turnout of undergraduate students to help catalogue books in the Native Friendship Centre collection. The chapter is also in the process of developing a relationship with the Kativik School Board to develop an Inuit studies resource centre in Sainte Anne de Bellevue. In addition, the McGill chapter intends to become involved with a new LWB International initiative in Ghana in partnership with Libraries Across Africa (LAA). >> Learn more about LWB McGill Student Chapter

>> To learn more about associations, groups, and student chapters based at SIS, please visit the SIS Students website at www.mcgill.ca/sis-students