2016 Spring Newsletter

Spring 2016 Newsletter: Director’s Message

Dear alumni and friends,

I would like to introduce myself as the new Interim Director of the School. I took over the reins from Prof. Bouthillier in September 2015. Prof. Bouthillier is still part of our School but she is currently also the Associate Dean at Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies here at McGill.

Other changes include the appointment of Prof. Catherine Guastavino as our Graduate Program Director of the PhD program, and the appointment of Prof. Karyn Moffatt as the Interim Graduate Program Director of our Master’s program.

Our highlights include our three new graduate certificate degrees in Digital Archives Management, Information and Knowledge Management and Information Architecture. Our curriculum continues to grow and evolve with the addition of a fifth required course to be taken in the second year that serves to facilitate the transition from learning to working. We have also introduced new courses such as Information and Cognition, Information Architecture, Music Information Retrieval and Skills for Information Professionals.

The School continues to establish new research projects, and 2015 was no exception. In addition to new grants obtained by faculty, Prof. Benjamin Fung was named the Canada Research Chair in Data Mining for Cybersecurity. SIS continues to consolidate its core research themes under the umbrella of human-information interaction which in turn offers our students not only new courses but opportunities to become involved as both TAs and RAs.

We are very proud of the number of awards our Master’s and Doctoral students have received, including Fei Shu, a doctoral candidate in our School, who was awarded an iSchool fellowship.

You will find many more updates on our faculty, students and alumni in this issue. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best and to invite you to continue to stay actively connected with our community. We are always happy to hear from you and learn of new developments. Please send us your updates both the “old-fashioned” way and through participation in our social media networks.

Last but not least, your continued support is greatly appreciated and makes an enormous difference to the quality of learning and student engagement that we can continue to offer.

Kimiz Dalkir
Director (Interim)