2016 Spring Newsletter / Faculty News

Faculty Updates

The McGill School of Information Studies is pleased to share highlights of faculty news and achievements.


Prof. France Bouthillier was promoted to Associate Dean, McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, on September 1, 2015. Dr. Bouthillier will continue to teach and perform research at the School.

Prof. Kimiz Dalkir was appointed as Interim Director of the School of Information Studies on September 1, 2015.

Prof. Catherine Guastavino was appointed as Graduate Program Director for the PhD program.

Prof. Karyn Moffatt was appointed as Graduate Program Director (Interim) for the Master of Information Studies (MISt) and Graduate Certificate programs.

Prof. Max Evans and Prof. Ilja Frissen were reappointed as Assistant Professors for a three-year term.


Dr. Victoria Slonosky was invited as a Visiting Scholar from January 1 to December 31, 2016 by Dr. Eun Park. Dr. Slonosky, Director of the Canadian Climate Data Rescue Project and Coordinator of the DRAW project, will collaborate with Prof. Eun Park and others on the DRAW (Data Rescue: Archives and Weather) project. Read more about the DRAW project below.

Dr. Yan Bai, Associate Professor, Institute of Technology, University of Washington Tacoma was invited as a Visiting Professor from August to September 2015 by Prof. Benjamin Fung. Dr. Bai has recently begun a research collaboration with Prof. Fung in the area of information security and data privacy.

Dr. Farkhund Iqbal, Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director, College of Technological Innovation, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates was invited as an Affiliate Member from January 2016 to December 2018 by Prof. Benjamin Fung. Dr. Iqbal is an Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Advanced Cyber Forensics and Research Laboratory (ACFRL) in the College of Technological Innovation at Zayed University. Dr. Iqbal is working closely with Prof. Fung to develop security techniques to strengthen the next generation of critical cyber infrastructure in smart cities.

Dr. William Kwok-Wai Cheung, Associate Head & Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University, was invited as a Visiting Professor from April to July 2016 by Prof. Benjamin Fung. Dr. Cheung is a prominent researcher in the areas of machine learning and data mining. He will work closely with Prof. Fung in the areas of text mining and privacy-preserving data mining.


cloudThe DRAW (Data Rescue: Archives and Weather) project aims to use the emerging technology of citizen science—also known as crowd-sourced science—to digitize meteorological data held in the McGill University Archive’s Meteorological Observatory, making the vast store of historical meteorological, climatological, and environment information available for research and public use. The project is led by Visiting Scholar Dr. Victoria Slonosky, who will collaborate with Prof. Eun Park and an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Department of Geography, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal (CIRM) at McGill. This pioneering project will further our understanding not only of weather and climate but also of citizen engagement with our scientific and cultural heritage.

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