2016 Spring Newsletter / Student News

PhD Student Awards & Achievements

We’re pleased to share recent awards and achievements of PhD in Information Studies students at the McGill School of Information Studies.

Steven H. H. Ding, PhD student, was awarded second prize in the Hex-Rays Plug-in Contest 2015 for “Kam1n0,” a scalable data mining system for a range of computer security-related uses. The project showcases how big data research can make significant contributions to cybersecurity and software engineering communities. Kam1n0 is an ongoing collaborative research project with the Defence Research & Development Canada (DRDC). Read more.

Jesse David Dinneen, PhD student, was awarded a student grant by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to attend the Autumn School in Information Retrieval & Foraging (ASIRF ‘15) in Katlenburg, Germany. Jesse is also a co-organizer for the workshop on personal information management at CHI 2016, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Fei Shu, PhD student, was awarded the 2015 ASIS&T SIG/MET Student Paper Contest: “Evolution of iSchool Movement (1988-2013): A Bibliometric View” with Philippe Mongeon (University de Montreal). Fei presented the paper at the 2015 ASIS&T Annual Meeting. Fei’s paper “Twitter activity and scientific collaboration of LIS schools and faculty members,” co-authored with two other PhD students from EBSI, also won the Best Altmetrics Paper in the SIG/MET workshop at the 2015 ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

Daniel Steele, PhD student, was awarded a Faculty of Arts Graduate Student Travel Award and a Graduate Research Mobility Award to attend the Euronoise Conference in Maastricht, to give a guest lecture at the Hochschule Düsseldorf, and collect interview data from planners in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. This research will be used in his thesis.

Trudi Wright, PhD student, attained her Certified Records Manager (CRM) designation in 2015. In addition, Trudi was awarded the Komal Gulich, CRM, IGP Memorial Reimbursement Award from the ARMA International Education Foundation (AIEF).


ShuThis spring, PhD student Fei Shu was awarded an iFellows award through the iFellows Doctoral Fellowship program for his dissertation research. Fei’s proposal was selected from a pool of applicants from 65 iSchools across the world. As an iFellow, Fei will receive a stipend of $50,000 USD over a two-year period. Fei’s research will advance the field of bibliometrics and improve understanding of Chinese research activities and impact. Read more.



Credit: Milya Gabrakhmanova

Throughout the past year, PhD student Daniel Steele has been engaged as research lead for Musikiosk, an interdisciplinary research project focused on improving sound environments for residents and visitors to Montreal. The team is comprised of Daniel Steele, Prof. Catherine Guastavino and eight experts from McGill and ÉTS in acoustics, urban planning, and sociology. In August 2015, they embarked on the public phase of data collection, and installed an interactive, volume-controlled music system in Montreal’s Parc du Portugal. Passersby were invited to connect with their devices and share their favourite music pieces for approximately 30-minute durations. Survey data collected from the project indicated an increase in pleasantness and mood of visitors without affecting the calmness of the park. The project was awarded a Dean of Arts Development Fund Award. Daniel also received an individual student award for his contributions to the project from CIRMMT, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology. The project garnered significant media attention, including interviews with Radio Canada and CBC. Learn more about Musikiosk at www.musikiosk.org.