2016 Spring Newsletter / Student News

Student Events


In 2015, the annual student-run “Web 2.U” conference was rebranded as “InfoNexus” to reflect the changing, multidisciplinary nature of the information studies field.InfoNexus 2015 was held on February 6 and was attended by 64 people. Speakers included: Nancy Naluz, Olivia Jarda, Patrick Brian Smith, David Heti, Herman Tumurcuoglu, Nathalie de Preux, MLIS’14, and Alexandra Carruthers. Kudos to organizers Anastasia Prozorova, MLIS’15 and Alexander Burdett MLIS’15, (chief organizers) with Emily Mackle, MLIS’15; Vastille Edma, MLIS’15; Rebecca Mahler, MLIS’15; Yiming Guo, MLIS’15; Yuning Hu, MLIS’15; Kayleigh Girard, MISt II student; Christy (Ching Yi) Lau, MISt II student; and Kristin Young, MISt II student.

InfoNexus2016InfoNexus 2016 was held February 5 and featured speakers from libraries, archives, knowledge management and information technology, followed by a panel discussion on challenges, changes, and trends in the information field moderated by Prof.  Max Evans. Speakers included Joel Alleyne; Ed Bilodeau, MLIS’06; Sarah Severson, MLIS’09; Jean Archambeault, PhD student; Anton Stiglic, SIS sessional lecturer; Lori Podolsky; and Kathleen Botter. Congratulations to the organizing team, including chief organizers Christy (Ching Yi) Lau, MISt II student; Kayleigh Girard, MISt II student; Kristen Young, MISt II student; and Meghan Goodchild, MISt II student; and co-organizers/contributors Liz Nash, MISt I student; Annette Li, MISt II student; and Patricia de Palma, MISt II student.

Find photos and news from both InfoNexus 2014 and 2015 on the McGill Information Studies Student Association (MISSA) “Beyond the Shelf” blog.


EBSI SIS from BanafshehThe 9th Annual EBSI-SIS Symposium in Information Studies was hosted by the ASIS&T McGill Student Chapter at the School on January 29, 2016. Formerly known as the EBSI-SIS Doctoral Symposium, the symposium invites the members of the School of Information Studies (SIS) at McGill and Université de Montréal’s École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l’information (EBSI) to present their work to their peers in a nurturing environment. The symposium also provides an opportunity to discover research being done by the other community members and to make connections in areas of interest. The event is open to anyone with an interest in information studies research. The upcoming symposium will be held at EBSI in 2017.

More photos from the EBSI-SIS Symposium and other ASIS&T McGill Student Chapter events can be found on the ASIS&T McGill Student Chapter events page.


The Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA) McGill Student Chapter held its 8th annual Winter Colloquium at the School on February 27. The well-attended event featured eight guest speakers who gave talks on archives and various employment avenues in the field. Guest speakers included Theresa Rowat; Lori Podolsky; Matthew Bouchard, MLIS’15; John Richan, MLIS’15; Natasha Zwarich, PhD’13; Trudi Wright, PhD student and sessional lecturer; and Prof. Eun Park.

Read an article about the ACA Winter Colloquium by MISt students Ben Wrubel and Annelise Dowd on the McGill Information Studies Student Association (MISSA) “Beyond the Shelf” blog: http://blogs.mcgill.ca/beyondtheshelf/2016/03/30/aca-colloquium-2016/


The 2015 Career Fair was held March 27 at New Residence Hall. Hats off to the MISSA Career Fair Committee in collaboration with students from ÉBSI for putting together this valuable networking event: David Phung, MLIS’15 (Chair); Magdelin Diaz Geronimo, MLIS’15; Guillermo Galdamez Barrera, MLIS’15; John Starkey, MLIS’15; Julie Lin, MISt II student; Thi Bao Tran Phan, MISt II student; Anne-Marie Smith, MISt II student; Grace Zell, MISt II student; Mathieu Ayoub (EBSI); Sarah Cameron-Pesant (EBSI); Élizabeth Giroux (EBSI); Catherine Mongeau (EBSI); and Valérie Rioux (EBSI).


Concordia University Librarian and SIS sessional lecturer Rajiv Johal, MLIS’03, with Ted Minett, MLIS’15, and Anouk Vigneau, MLIS’15.